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A little bit about us

The Gallifrey Times was set up based on a love of Doctor Who. We are passionate about the show and wanted to help keep people updated about all the exciting things going on in the Whoniverse.

As the Doctors have come and gone, changing every few years, so too have we, going from a simple Piczo site in 2008 called Doctor Who Online, we became TGT and our team has continued to grow.

We believe that it's not just about bringing you news. The Doctor Who fan base is a vast community, full of creativity and wonder. We like to engage with the fans, particularly at Comic Cons, getting their views on the hot topics in Doctor Who.

We have also had the privilege of interviewing several Doctor Who stars including Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, John Leeson, Ian McNeice and writers such as Peter Harness.

We also have a regular podcast, competitions and World Cup polls to keep fans excited during those times when the show is not on.

The TGT Team

Tom (Founder/Editor)

"It feels like a lifetime ago when I was creating my first little Doctor Who website on Piczo. Who’d have thought it will still be around 10 years on! It’s been an incredible journey and if I’m not tweaking things (often behind the scenes) at TGT then I’ll be watching the football or binging Netflix (other streaming services are available!)."

Twitter: @GallifreyTimes

Ben (Editor)

"As a graphic designer and musician, I use my skills to bring some fun to TGT. I play ukulele and piano, and occasionally write Doctor Who themed songs for our podcast. One of my favourite moments on the team was having John Levene serenade me during an interview at a comic con. Sure, I was born in Birmingham, but I was made in TGT."

Twitter: @BEN_iAmHere

Louis (Associate Editor)

"I spent the first half of my life completely terrified of everything to do with Doctor Who, and running away when the theme tune came on. For the second half of my life, it's been my favourite show, and I've been writing whatever I can think of about it since 2013 at TGT. This bio is only going to be accurate for about another year. Oops."

Twitter: @Protessional

Andrew (Podcast Producer)

"I’ve worked for TGT since 2014 and am currently attempting to cobble together the podcasts. I’m also an electric guitarist (like the 12th Doctor), coffee addict, and a big believer in the bootstrap paradox. Geronimo!"

Twitter: @WhaleOmelet

Kitty (News)

“As the American correspondent for TGT, I’m often writing while the rest of the team are asleep. I’m a creative soul who loves to write and paint. That's all you need to know right now."

Ifan (Instagram)

"I edit images for TGT's Instagram account and occasionally write science and maths related articles about Doctor Who. I like maths, physics and chemistry, and I'm currently studying them for A-levels. I also like puzzles and of course - Doctor Who."

Suzanne (Opinion Articles)

"Suzanne says… would you like a jelly baby? I write English with a French accent, and I love to share my opinion about everything related to the Whoniverse here on TGT. I’m also a writer and a cat lady with a serious addiction to tea and jelly babies (I always have a bag of them with me!)."

Twitter: @orelye

Patrick (News)

"Some call me Patrick, or Pat, or Pattybojangles, but more often than not I'm simply known as a Doctor Who fanatic. Like my two favourite Doctors 12 & 10, I'm calm yet feverishly passionate about what I love; TGT is the culmination of that love and began way back in June 2014."

Nadja (News)

"You may know me as an artist, storyteller and generally enthusiastic Whovian. TGT has certainly increased my hopes of working for the BBC one day. No star in the sky can hide from my telescope, no historical date leaves me uninterested. I‘m always full of ideas and often have my head in the clouds. Sorry, were you saying something?"

We're always looking for new writers or people to manage our social media. If you would like to write for us, email