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Doctor Who Series 12 trailer released

doctor who series 12 trailer

The BBC promised us something special for Doctor Who Day and they’ve certainly delivered. The first trailer for Series 12 has been released, featuring a few familiar faces and our first glimpse at Stephen Fry and Lenny Henry in action. You can watch the Doctor Who Series 12 trailer below:

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Doctor Who Series 12 writers and directors announced

Doctor Who Series 12 writers and directors

It’s that time again, when filming has finished and we start to get information to whet our appetite for the upcoming new series. The BBC have revealed that Series 12 will begin on New Year’s Day in the first part of a two part story, with part 2 airing just a few days later on…

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Stephen Fry and Sir Lenny Henry CBE to appear in series 12

Stephen Fry and Sir Lenny Henry

With filming of Series 12 officially completed, the new series isn’t too far away and the BBC are already teasing us with an exciting announcement of two national treasures making their Doctor Who debut. Stephen Fry and Sir Lenny Henry CBE will both make guest appearances in the series 12 opener. Both have a rich…

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Doctor Who Velocity releases fourth episode

doctor who velocity episode 4

While the Thirteenth Doctor may be off air until next year, there’s another Doctor whose new adventures we can enjoy in the form of Doctor Who Velocity. The fan series, starring Krystal Moore as the Doctor, has released its fourth episode online. The episode, written and directed by Chris Phillips, sees the Doctor join a…

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We’re taking a little break

As you may have noticed, we’ve not been as active recently, with fewer posts on the website and less engagement on Twitter. We thought we’d let you know why…

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Doctor Who: Season 23 coming to Blu-Ray

doctor who season 23

Fans of the Sixth Doctor, rejoice! The BBC have revealed that the next season in their blu-ray releases will be the Sixth Doctor’s Season 23. The series, which ran from September to December 1986, aired as a series of connected stories, collectively known as The Trial of a Time Lord. The stories follow Colin Baker’s…

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Animated missing episode The Faceless Ones coming in 2020

doctor who the faceless ones

In recent years, we’ve been lucky to see missing episodes being brought to life using animation, with The Power of the Daleks, Shada and The Macra Terror all recreating episodes with the help of surviving audio. Following the success of these partly-animated releases, The Faceless Ones will be released on DVD, Blu-Ray and as an exclusive Steelbook next year. First broadcast…

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Segun Akinola talks music in latest DWM

This month’s Doctor Who magazine takes a closer look at the music of Series 11, featuring an exclusive interview with composer Segun Akinola.  The issue also includes: A candid interview with Eric Saward, Doctor Who’s longest-serving script editor. Former showrunner Steven Moffat discusses Eric’s legacy. Robert Allsopp describes his unusual contributions to Doctor Who’s prop and costume departments –…

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A chance to see your artwork on an official Doctor Who t-shirt

Are you a budding artist who wants to do more with their Doctor Who fan art? Then the BBC have a competition you may just be interested in. The BBC are giving one lucky artist the opportunity to have their artwork printed on an official Doctor Who t-shirt, which will be revealed at San Diego…

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Doctor Who: The Runaway VR adventure trailer released

doctor who the runaway

While we might not be getting any new episodes this year, we will be treated to a special virtual reality adventure featuring the Thirteenth Doctor. Written by Victoria Asare-Archer (Death in Paradise) and directed by Mathias Chelebourg (Alice, the Virtual Reality Play), Doctor Who: The Runaway is a 13 minute original story set inside the…

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