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Whittaker talks Doctor Who in David Tennant’s newest podcast

When Jodie Whittaker was said to be scheduled to appear in David Tennant’s new podcast (David Tennant Does A Podcast With…) we all knew it would be full of Doctor Who goodness. The Tenth Doctor chatting with the Thirteenth Doctor? Whittaker discussed her childhood, auditioning for Doctor Who and much more. Early Years Actress Jodie…

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Vote for Doctor Who in the National Television Awards

doctor who the witchfinders

Fans of Doctor Who can show their love and appreciation by casting their vote! However, they’ll have to do so quickly because time is running out. If only they had a time machine to help with that… The National Television Award show is back to celebrate the best of the best.  Live from The O2…

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Feifei Ruan blends Doctor Who with classic Chinese style

We’ve seen the Doctor and the TARDIS appear in many art forms over the years. Last year BBC Studios approached artist Feifei Ruan with a brand new art challenge. She was asked to create a series of illustrations featuring the TARDIS in famous Chinese cities. The challenge was accepted and the images speak for themselves.…

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Big Finish’s 12 Days of Finishmas offers

Unhappy with your holiday gifts this year? Why not get a special gift for yourself, or for someone else? Big Finish’s 12 Days of Finishmas has a special offer for Gallifrey: Series One, but fans only have a few days to take advantage. Gallifrey Big Finish is offering the first four stories in the Gallirey:…

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Doctor Who Velocity audio drama releases Christmas Eve

Sad about not getting to watch a brand new episode of Doctor Who this Christmas day? Well, you can listen to a special Doctor Who Velocity audio adventure instead! Doctor Who Velocity will be releasing a special audio drama for free on Christmas Eve. Club Quatermass is sure to be a treat. Maybe it will be…

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Doctor Who artist in Flintshire for 3 day event

Jeff Cummins will be in Flintshire this weekend sharing stories of his career, his works as well as performing signings. Cummins is returning to North Wales this weekend for a special three day event. He will be hosting a Show and Tell at the Stamford Gate Hotel. This event will showcase some of his more…

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Worlds Collide: Cybermen in Birmingham

Shoppers in Birmingham had an interesting view earlier this week when several Cybermen were seen marching about. Where’s the Doctor when you need him/her? As it turns out, this spectacle from another world was part of the promotion for Worlds Collide, a live Doctor Who themed escape game releasing next year. These metal menaces were…

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Peter Davison discusses classic era in new interview

The Doctor Who: The Collection Season 19 is set to release on 10 December. Featuring Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor, this limited edition set has some exciting extras. For instance, we get to hear the former Doctor talk about his time working on Doctor Who. Apparently, Davison believes leaving when he did was a…

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Sharon D Clarke says Grace was a “great device”

Sharon D Clarke on Graham Norton

Many viewers were gutted when the sweet but feisty Grace left us after just one episode of Series 11. Ryan’s nan seemed like the perfect sort to travel in the TARDIS. Actress Sharon D Clarke who played the character recently chimed in on how she felt the character impacted the show. It should be noted…

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Tosin Cole: The Man Who Fell Off the Cart

Behind the scenes of Demons of the Punjab filming

Alright, so there isn’t an episode staring Tosin Cole falling from a cart. However, in last Sunday’s episode Demons of the Punjab, the actor certainly made an impression… in more than one way. A shame it didn’t make it to the final cut. While filming Demons of the Punjab, during the filming of the scene…

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