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Sharon D Clarke says Grace was a “great device”

Sharon D Clarke on Graham Norton

Many viewers were gutted when the sweet but feisty Grace left us after just one episode of Series 11. Ryan’s nan seemed like the perfect sort to travel in the TARDIS. Actress Sharon D Clarke who played the character recently chimed in on how she felt the character impacted the show. It should be noted…

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Tosin Cole: The Man Who Fell Off the Cart

Behind the scenes of Demons of the Punjab filming

Alright, so there isn’t an episode staring Tosin Cole falling from a cart. However, in last Sunday’s episode Demons of the Punjab, the actor certainly made an impression… in more than one way. A shame it didn’t make it to the final cut. While filming Demons of the Punjab, during the filming of the scene…

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Julie Hesmondhalgh talks Doctor Who

Kerblam! Julie Hesmondhalgh

Julie Hesmondhalgh will be appearing in Doctor Who‘s episode Kerblam! this Sunday. The actress speaks up about her experience working with new show runner Chris Chibnall, PC complaints and more. Hesmondlagh has graced our screens in popular programs such as Coronation Street and Broadchurch. Fans may recall that Broadchurch was Chris Chibnall’s previous work before…

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Krystal Moore discusses Doctor Who: Velocity

krystal moore doctor who velocity

Doctor Who: Velocity has recently released a new episode and the responses have been pretty positive. But how did all of this come together though? We had a chinwag with the star of Velocity, Krystal Moore about her successful fan made Doctor Who web series.

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Missing Doctor Who episode to premiere in December

There is exciting news for fans of the second Doctor. The Wheel in Space, starring Patrick Troughton has a newly animated mini episode! This animation will be premiering at the BFI’s Missing Believed Wiped event in December. Missing Believed Wiped will celebrate its 25th birthday on 15 December at BFI Southbank. During this event they will present lost TV…

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The Bank of England rejects Doctor Who themed notes

doctor who ghost monument review

The Bank of England is inviting nominations for its new £50 note. However, they aren’t interested in nominations of persons who travel through time and space in a TARDIS. Sorry, Doctor. Doctor Who fans may be hoping to nominate the new Doctor for this prestigious position. After all, what Whovian would turn down the opportunity for…

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Ben Bailey Smith talks about Doctor Who

The tsuranga Conundrum Feature image

Sunday’s episode of Doctor Who: The Tsuranga Conundrum featured popular British rapper/comedian Doc Brown. No not Doc Brown from Back to the Future. This isn’t an Epic Rap Battle after all. Actor Ben Bailey Smith, better known as Doc Brown, recently discussed his thoughts on Doctor Who. Ben Bailey Smith is a 41 year old rapper turned comedian…

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Rhianne Starbuck discusses the Star Beast

Actress Rhianne Starbuck will be playing Sharon Davies along side Tom Baker’s fourth Doctor. Due to release March 2019, this new retelling of Doctor Who is a comic strip adaption featuring the popular companion. Star Beast is a modern take on the classic comic story that first introduced her to the Whoniverse. Big Finish recently…

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Doctor Who: The Eighth of March

2019’s International Women’s Day just got even more exciting. Big Finish is celebrating the women of Doctor Who with a brand new audio adventure The Eighth of March. Fan favourites such as Ace, River Song and Leela will all be featured in this amazing collection. The Eighth of March features a female lead cast as well…

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Doctor Puppet merchandise announced

doctor puppet

Alisa Stern, the creator of Doctor Puppet has released some exciting new information. It looks like good news for fans who may be mourning the end of the Doctor Puppet series. From props to soundtracks, there is bound to be something to delight everyone. It hasn’t been long since the final episode of Doctor Puppet…

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