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Suzanne says… let’s analyse Demons of the Punjab

Demons of the Punjab

When I first read the episode’s summary, I was a bit disappointed. Doctor Who was going to air on Armistice Day; and not just any Armistice Day, the 100th one. I was looking for a tribute, and I feared that I would only get another episode full of political correctness. A first level reading of…

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Suzanne says…this is why The Return of Doctor Mysterio is worth watching

I still remember the evening of 25th December 2016, and my excitement towards the new Christmas special. Since I absolutely loved The Husbands of River Song, there was no doubt in my mind that I would equally enjoy The Return of Doctor Mysterio, especially since I’m a Marvel super-heroes fan. Numerous Whovians were disappointed by…

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Suzanne says…it’s all about changes

The Gallifrey Times has regenerated, and therefore this is the perfect opportunity to think about what “change” means for us, Whovians. Stating the obvious: change is part of a Whovian’s DNA. Change is Doctor Who’s trademark since Patrick Troughton took over William Hartnell’s role. Whovians are used to see changes in Doctor Who, be it…

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Suzanne says… is gender now a tricky notion?

Earlier this week, I read a tweet about the title of Series 13’s first episode. The author was pointing out that since the notion of gender was irrelevant in Doctor Who, a title like “The woman who fell to Earth” might be considered a bit awkward. I found this statement quite interesting and therefore I…

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Review of Doctor Who Infinity The Orphans of the Polyoptra

Doctor Who Infinity The Orphans of the Polyoptra

Review by Suzanne Tiny Rebel Games has finally released their highly anticipated Doctor Who Infinity game on Steam. The Orphans of the Polyoptra is the second of three stories available for purchase and features the Third Doctor and Jo Grant, who find themselves during WWII bombings in 1942. I was really looking forward to play the…

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Suzanne says… From ‘The Waters of Mars’ to water on Mars

I have always enjoyed watching science-fiction shows. Not just because of the new worlds that are created, but mainly because of the science behind the fiction.  By creating storylines set in the future, artists (writers, showrunners, etc.) project themselves in the future and try to describe how it would be like, what kind of technologies…

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Suzanne says… I finally met the Tenth Doctor

13 years ago, when I was first introduced to Doctor Who, it was a time of joy for Whovians. Their favourite show was finally back! 13 years ago, I discovered a fascinating character, I witnessed his regeneration and… I stopped watching Doctor Who. Now don’t get me wrong. I didn’t stop watching because my heart…

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Suzanne says… it’s good to be back

Did you think I had nothing more to say about Doctor Who? Sure, it has been a while since I wrote here, but there is always something to say about our beloved Doctor! And after a few months of hiatus, I’m back for Season 2 of those opinion articles. So, what did trigger my return,…

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Suzanne says… that was quite unexpected

If you haven’t watched the Christmas special already, then you might want to skip reading this article and save it for later, when you have watched Twice Upon a Time. Yes, there are spoilers ahead! It’s over. While some people spend December eating the daily chocolate they find in their Advent Calendar, Whovians spend it…

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