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The Gallifrey Times team reviews Kerblam!

doctor who kerblam review

This week, the TARDIS team were delivered to Kerblam! where they investigated a mystery involving sinister robots, killer bubble wrap. But what did our team make of Kerblam!? Let’s find out… Ben If you’ve been following my reviews, you may have picked up that I’ve been quite disappointed by most of series 11 so far.…

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The Gallifrey Times team reviews Demons of the Punjab

This week, the TARDIS team head back to the Punjab, India, in 1947, to meet Yaz’s gran and uncover some of her mysterious secrets. But what did our team make of Demons of the Punjab? Let’s find out… Ben Just three episodes after Rosa, we have another historical that deals with struggles in a different…

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The Gallifrey Times Team reviews The Tsuranga Conundrum

tsruanga conundrum pting

This week, the TARDIS team wind up aboard the Tsuranga and face danger from a mysterious little creature roaming the ship. But what did our team make of The Tsuranga Conundrum? Let’s find out… Ben The Tsuranga Conundrum. Sounds exciting! What was the conundrum? How to survive on a ship under attack. Oh. So pretty much…

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The TGT Team pick their scariest villains

Since it’s Halloween, a night filled with spooky monsters, we’ve been chatting amongst ourselves over which Doctor Who villains scare us. Whether it’s hiding behind the sofa from the Daleks or covering your eyes from the Cybermen, the show has a history of being scary. There have been many aliens, robots and creatures in the…

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The Gallifrey Times Team reviews Arachnids in the UK

It’s halloween. There’s monsters loose around a hotel. Who you gonna call? Team TARDIS! This week saw the Doctor and her friends dealing with some oversized creepy crawlies, but what did our team make of Arachnids in the UK? Let’s find out… Ben (Editor) Zoinks! Like Doctor Who, where are you?! A gang of protagonists running…

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The Gallifrey Times team reviews The Woman Who Fell To Earth

the woman who fell to earth reviews

After months of waiting, the Thirteenth Doctor finally crashed onto our screens this week in The Woman Who Fell To Earth. In an episode packed with scares, heartbreak and a monster in need of serious dental work, there was lots to enjoy. But what did our team make of it? Let’s find out… Ben (Editor)…

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Competition – win Cold Vengeance on green vinyl

cold vengeance

It’s new Doctor Who day! After months of waiting, we’re finally about to see Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor in action. To celebrate, we’re giving away a copy of the Big Finish audio drama Cold Vengeance –  a HMV exclusive on green vinyl – to one lucky winner. Written by Matt Fitton, the full cast drama sees…

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Humble Bundle offers deals on Big Finish audios for charity

Humble Bundle have once again teamed up with Big Finish to bring us the Humble Audiobook Bundle, featuring a number of titles from Doctor Who and Torchwood. The bundle is worth $371, but you can choose how much you want to pay, with larger donations unlocking more content. You can also choose where the money…

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Big Finish to bring back Donna Noble

Catherine Tate’s character Donna Noble was certainly well received in past Doctor Who Big Finish productions and now she’s back for another go at it in a new Doctor Who audio series.

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