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Competition – win Cold Vengeance on green vinyl

cold vengeance

It’s new Doctor Who day! After months of waiting, we’re finally about to see Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor in action. To celebrate, we’re giving away a copy of the Big Finish audio drama Cold Vengeance –  a HMV exclusive on green vinyl – to one lucky winner. Written by Matt Fitton, the full cast drama sees…

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Humble Bundle offers deals on Big Finish audios for charity

Humble Bundle have once again teamed up with Big Finish to bring us the Humble Audiobook Bundle, featuring a number of titles from Doctor Who and Torchwood. The bundle is worth $371, but you can choose how much you want to pay, with larger donations unlocking more content. You can also choose where the money…

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Big Finish to bring back Donna Noble

Catherine Tate’s character Donna Noble was certainly well received in past Doctor Who Big Finish productions and now she’s back for another go at it in a new Doctor Who audio series.

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New Christmas stories for Doctor Who‘s monsters

Every Whovian loves Christmas. Because no matter if you celebrate it or not, there is always a festive special to look forward to each year. Even in 2016, a year when no season of Doctor Who had aired, fans were provided with a Christmas episode. This year, we will get a new short stories collection…

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The BBC takes legal action to investigate leaked footage incident

For those that missed it, a clip from Series 11 showing Jodie Whittaker in action as the Thirteenth Doctor was recently leaked online. It has since been taken down, but the BBC are still not happy. As we know, Chris Chibnall in particular is very strict on his ‘no spoilers’ rule, hoping fans will be…

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Our stance on spoilers

Here at The Gallifrey Times, we are committed to bringing you high quality and reliable content from the world of Doctor Who, including the latest news. Sadly, we have noticed that recently in the media and online, there has been an influx of leaks related to Series 11 of Doctor Who. Not only is this…

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Neil Gaiman hopes to write for 13th Doctor

Acclaimed fantasy writer Neil Gaiman is no stranger to the world of Doctor Who. His previous stories, The Doctor’s Wife and Nightmare in Silver during the 11th Doctor’s era, were generally well received by critics and fans and there has been a long held desire for Gaiman to return to writing for Doctor Who and apply his signature…

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