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Krystal Moore discusses Doctor Who: Velocity

krystal moore doctor who velocity

Doctor Who: Velocity has recently released a new episode and the responses have been pretty positive. But how did all of this come together though? We had a chinwag with the star of Velocity, Krystal Moore about her successful fan made Doctor Who web series.

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Exclusive interview with Philip Abiodun (aka. Salad Man)

Despite introducing a new Doctor, her new companions and a new villain, there was one character in The Woman Who Fell To Earth that fans loved just as much: Salad Man. Fans were sharing their love for the character online, with #saladman trending on Twitter during the episode. We caught up with actor Philip Abiodun…

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Alisa Stern discusses Doctor Puppet finale

doctor puppet

After six wonderful years of bringing joy and delight to Doctor Who fans across the internet, the story of Doctor Puppet is finally coming to a close. What can fans expect from this grand finale episode and what does this mean for Doctor Puppet supporters going forward? Alisa Stern, the creator of Doctor Puppet took…

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The Girl Who Died BBC Interview With Maisie Williams & Jamie Mathieson

Ahead of this weekends Series 9 episode The Girl Who Died, young actor Maisie Williams, star of Game of Thrones, has spoken to the BBC regarding her knowledge and appreciation of Doctor Who. Co-Writer of the episode Jamie Mathieson also gave some insight into what we will be seeing when Saturday’s episode is broadcast. Firstly,…

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Exclusive Interview With Gareth David-Lloyd

We recently spoke to Gareth David-Lloyd, who plays Ianto in Torchwood, at Film and Comic Con Sheffield. He gave us some teasers for the upcoming Big Finish audio drama, Torchwood: Fall to Earth, and why Ianto is loved so much by the fans. Torchwood: Fall to Earth is out in October and available to pre-order…

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Exclusive Interview With Samuel Anderson

We recently caught up with Samuel Anderson at Film and Comic Con Sheffield to talk about Danny Pink, some of his recent audio work and of course, the question on everybody’s mind, would he return as Danny? Find out in the video below: Don’t miss our coverage of Samuel’s Q&A session coming later this week,…

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Exclusive Interview With Nicola Bryant

Whilst at Film & Comic Con Sheffield, we caught up with the lovely Nicola Bryant, who plays Sixth Doctor companion Peri, to talk about conventions, companions and some of her upcoming work. Check out the video below:

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Exclusive Interview With John Levene

While we were at Film & Comic Con Sheffield, we spoke to John Levene, who played Sergeant Benton opposite Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker’s Doctors. Levene spoke about why the character is so loved by fans and his new musical career. Check out the interview below: As mentioned in the interview, Levene has recorded an…

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