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The Gallifrey Times team reviews Spyfall (Part 1)

doctor who spyfall

As we wait in hot anticipation for the concluding episode of Series 12’s two-part opener tonight, a couple of our team reminisce and share their thoughts on the first part of Spyfall.  Warning: this post contains spoilers for Spyfall (Part 1). Patrick (news) Spyfall (Part 1) exists as a unique moment in Doctor Who’s long…

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Doctor Who Velocity: The Vashta Nerada Return review

As the tradition of the Doctor Who Christmas special has now become the Doctor Who New Years special, we no longer get a visit from the Doctor on Christmas Day. Thankfully, the fan series Doctor Who Velocity is on hand, providing us our Christmassy Doctor Who fix, with a brand new episode – The Vashta…

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Review of Doctor Who Infinity The Horror of Flat Holm

Review by Suzanne Fifth story of “Doctor Who Infinity”, “The Horror of Flat Holm” is, in my opinion, one of the strongest stories from the game, and definitely worth playing. It remains stuck in my head as one of my favourite “Doctor Who Infinity” story (and gaming experience)! Kind warning: this review contains spoilers of…

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Review of Doctor Who Infinity The Silent Streets of Barry Island

Review by Suzanne Fans have been expecting the next stories of “Doctor Who Infinity” with great impatience and yes, I count myself among them! Needless to say it was worth the wait, and it felt very good to immerse myself in an all new Doctor Who audio-visual-gaming story.  Let me begin with a kind warning:…

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The Gallifrey Times team reviews Resolution

Firstly, a happy New Year to all our readers. This year we were treated to a New Year’s Day special with the Thirteenth Doctor and co. With lots of drama and surprises, Resolution was certainly an interesting episode, but what did our team make of it? Let’s find out… Ben Before I review the actual…

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The Gallifrey Times team reviews It Takes You Away

doctor who it takes you away review

After last week’s witch hunt, the TARDIS team land in Norway and investigate a strange house in It Takes You Away. But what did our team think of the episode? Let’s find out… Ben It Takes You Away is one of those episodes that’s a great story as long as you don’t analyse it too…

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The Gallifrey Times team reviews The Witchfinders

doctor who the witchfinders

After the TARDIS team popped to Kablam HQ last week, they now find themselves in 17th century Lancashire, joining King James I on a witch hunt. But what did our team think of The Witchfinders? Let’s find out… Ben The Witchfinders starts rather abruptly with the team already at their destination and part way into…

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Torchwood: God Among Us – See No Evil review

torchwood see no evil

Written by John Dorney and released in October 2018, See No Evil is the third episode of the first box set of Torchwood: God Among Us and sees the citizens suddenly all becoming blind with a vicious alien predator on the loose. Whoopsie. It never ceases to surprise me how Big Finish can take a…

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