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Review: Thirteenth Doctor sonic screwdriver toy replica

Thirteenth Doctor sonic screwdriver toy

Review by Ben After the announcement of the new Doctor, there is also another moment that us fans wait for with much anticipation – the reveal of the new sonic screwdriver. This time around, the Doctor herself, Jodie Whittaker, debuted the new sonic during a panel at San Diego Comic Con. Arwel Wyn Jones’ redesign…

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A sneak preview of Doctor Who Infinity

Following the success of Doctor Who Legacy, Tiny Rebel Games are releasing a new game this spring: Doctor Who Infinity. We were recently invited to see the game in action and boy were we excited by what we saw. The first thing you’ll notice about playing Doctor Who Infinity is that it is much more…

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The (almost) Complete Doctor Who Mr Men Review

Doctor Who Mr Men review

Warning: This review contains spoilers for the stories in these books. If you’ve not read them yet and don’t want to know what happens, I suggest you go read them first. With the latest releases completing the line up in the Doctor Who Mr Men mashup, we’ve decided to do a review of all thirteen…

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The Gallifrey Times Review of the Year 2017 (Part 2)

In part one of our look back at 2017 in Doctor Who, we looked at the announcement of Peter Capaldi’s departure as the Twelfth Doctor and subsequently his final season in the role. Capaldi remained the Doctor for almost the enterity of the year, but the second half of 2017 arguably belonged to his surprising…

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The Gallifrey Times team reviews Twice Upon A Time

twice upon a time

With a departing Doctor, the original Doctor and a brand new Doctor all on the scene, we knew this year’s Christmas special, Twice Upon a Time, was going to be pretty epic, but what did our team think of Capaldi’s final (and Whittaker’s first) episode? Well, now that we’ve had a few days to rewatch…

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The Gallifrey Times Review of the Year 2017 (Part 1)

2016 was the quietest year for Doctor Who in quite some time, offering up just one Christmas Special for die-hard fans to argue about on Twitter while the crew worked away on a new series to be broadcast the following spring. It was truly a dark time to be a Doctor Who fan, with only…

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The Gallifrey Times Team Reviews The Doctor Falls

the doctor falls

Warning: The following reviews contain spoilers for The Doctor Falls. If you have not yet seen the episode, we suggest you stop reading right now. Bill is a Cyberman, there’s two Masters, the Doctor has started regenerating… what more could you ask for in a finale? What did our team make of The Doctor Falls?…

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The Gallifrey Times Team Reviews World Enough And Time

world enough and time

World Enough and Time kicked this year’s two-part series finale off with the return of John Simm’s Master, Bill’s conversion into a Mondasian Cyberman and even a glimpse at the Twelfth Doctor’s regeneration – just your typical low-key episode of Doctor Who, then. Read on to find out what our team thought of it all……

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The Gallifrey Times Team Reviews The Eaters Of Light

the eaters of light

From Victorians and Ice Warriors to Romans and Picts; The Eaters of Light saw a reunited TARDIS team head back in time to investigate the mystery of the missing Ninth Roman Legion, but – as always – getting rather more than they’d bargained for in the process. Read on to find out what our team thought of…

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The Gallifrey Times Team Reviews Empress Of Mars

empress of mars

The Monks have gone and now the Doctor, Bill and Nardole find themselves on Mars with a group of Victorian soldiers and the Empress of the Ice Warriors, with neither side being particularly friendly. So, what did our team make of it all? Let’s find out… Ben (Assistant Editor) I always approach Mark Gatiss’ episodes…

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