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Exclusive interview with Philip Abiodun (aka. Salad Man)

Despite introducing a new Doctor, her new companions and a new villain, there was one character in The Woman Who Fell To Earth that fans loved just as much: Salad Man. Fans were sharing their love for the character online, with #saladman trending on Twitter during the episode. We caught up with actor Philip Abiodun to find out what he’s thought of the reaction to his character.

What’s it been like having such a big response to this role?

I didn’t know. My agent called me and asked if I had seen all the reactions to my character and that it had gone Viral. I hadn’t even seen the episode as I was driving from Liverpool lol.

I’ve since looked online at the post and It’s surreal. Loads of positive and encouraging comments. Thanks guys 🙂

What was your reaction when you read your lines and found out what you were doing in the scene? Did you think it was a bit odd?

When I read the lines I thought “This is cool and a bit of me.”

I just wondered the best way to do the self tape for the audition, so I jogged up to Morrison’s and bought some pita bread and salad lol!

Here are some photos from my original audition tape:

The other cast have said it was freezing filming in Sheffield, was it the same for you?

I didn’t film my scene in Sheffield; I was taken to Cardiff in a secret location and all very hush hush and set up as we arrived.

What was Tim Shaw like to act opposite? Was he intimidating?

Tim was great, he wasn’t intimidating at all. He’s a cool guy and great to work with.

What was it like working on such a well known show that was doing a big relaunch? Were you a fan of Doctor Who before?

It was all hush hush and I couldn’t even talk to friends about it. I told 2 people when I went to Cardiff, My Daughters mum and my Daughter. It’s not sunk in until now really. I wasn’t a fan as a child. I was terrified of the Daleks and it didn’t help that a guy at the bottom of my street made them for the BBC and had one in his front room with the curtains open 24/7!

What would your reaction be in real life if you came across an alien?

If I came across an alien I would run. I actually have a MUFON [an American organisation that investigates alleged UFO sightings] registered sitting from earlier this year. Case: 90411, they keep asking for the video footage, but my little girl wants us to “get the likes” on Youtube lol

Are you currently working on any other interesting projects?

No projects at the minute that are interesting, I had an audition for Top Boy that’s cool and a promo video for the Voice in a week.

And finally, we’ve got to as, do you like kebabs with salad in real life?

I love salad and at the time of filming I was a vegetarian. I eat chicken now though.

You can follow Philip on Twitter @Bowdon76.