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EXCLUSIVE New Interview with Doctor Who Legacy developers + Code Giveaway

On Monday we caught up with PixelWho and Tiny Rebel Games, the developers behind the popular Doctor Who Legacy game to celebrate the release of the special new expansion pack with a brand new art style, Bigger on the Inside, which is out right now.

We’ve also teamed up with Tiny Rebel Games to offer a special code giveaway for the Second Doctor’s special pixel costume, exclusive to the new expansion! Find the code at the bottom of this interview!

Can you briefly explain what Bigger on the Inside is all about and why we should all be excited?
Bigger on the Inside is a new story which is starting this week, and will run alongside the main storyline of the game. The new storyline will be released in 5 parts through the year, it is approximately 120 levels long (almost the length of Legacy at launch), and it is built around amazing pixel art from Pixel Who! It’s our first storyline where we have all the incarnations of the Doctor from the very beginning, and we will dive into a LOT of classic Who locations and enemies. Each drop in the new story is a pixel costume for a doctor or an ally in the game, and each drop is guaranteed (is 100%).
Why did you go with this new art style for Bigger on the Inside?
The art style inspired the story. We saw Nathan’s (from Pixel Who) art style, and we fell in love with it instantly, and we decided (by the end of the same evening) that we would love to get his art, in some capacity, into the game. We started writing a new storyline as an experiment to see if we could integrate the new art into our storyline in a natural way which makes sense in the universe–and when we found a way to do that, the story which followed was epic in scope and scale featuring individual storylines for at least half of the Doctors. We sent a high level outline of our concept to the BBC who gave us a thumbs up, and we’ve worked for the last couple of months to get the first part of the storyline (the prologue) ready for fans of the game.
How much of Legacy’s story was mapped out when you began?
During initial development of the game we wrote the first two chapters (the Sontaran and Zygon storylines), and we knew we wanted The Master to be the next villain. After launch, fans of the game told us loud and clear that they wanted more classic content, which led to the ongoing story featuring a much more destabilized universe allowing us to dive further back in the history of the show than we intended at launch. At the same time we were getting closer to getting all the incarnations of the Doctor into the game, and it seemed a great goal to get all of the Masters into the game over a 2 chapter Master arc. During the final few months of last year we wrote the high level outline for chapter 4 as well as writing the first arc fully (chapter 4 could end up around 80 levels), and at the same time we agreed with the BBC on the next villain who will replace The Master during the shocking conclusion of chapter 4. With that agreed on we also (at a very high level) sketched out chapters 5 and 6.
Bigger on the Inside focuses on the TARDIS – which interior of the ship has been your favourite?
We love them all, however we do have a general fondness for steampunk and acadamia, so 8th, 12th do grab our imaginations!
Did doing weekly levels for Series 8 change how you approached development?
It was crazy, manic, a pretty insane undertaking. Trying to release new levels weekly is a task, however having that happen alongside a TV season is just chaos. Your timelines can’t move, and the Doctor Who team (rightly) keeps a lot close to their chest until the airing of each episode (plus episodes can change at the last second, as with the decapitation in Robots of Sherwood). The game was built with the hope that one day we would get to start shadowing seasons of the show, releasing new companions the day after viewers meet them for the first time, so development didn’t really change, rather we had to prove that what we believed could be possible would actually be something we could execute on. I guess one major change to how we approached development was that we didn’t stop doing it, even for sleep, during the airing of the new season! And of course, we’re gluttons for punishment and jumped right into the Advent Calendar promo from there, launching a new level each day!
What is your favourite part of being able to play with all the elements of Doctor Who’s history?
Without a doubt the love we see from fans when we release their favorite character in the universe.
Which element of Legacy are you the most proud of?
The community.
Are you planning further expansions with differing art styles?
Right now we’re planning on more levels with Titan Comics (including a new 9th Doctor level coming in the next few weeks alongside the new 9th Doctor comic book series [which is awesome, by the way] which will showcase more original art from those guys, however nothing even remotely close to our collaboration with Pixel Who.

Here is the code for the Second Doctor pixel costume – it can be claimed up to 10,000 times but they expire on Sunday – so claim quickly!


To download Doctor Who Legacy, visit their website here.
Thanks to Tiny Rebel Games and PixelWho.