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10th & 11th Doctor’s Complete Year One Deluxe Collections

If you are a fan of Titan Comics’ Doctor Who comic series then you’ll really want to get the two deluxe collections they are releasing this month: The Complete Year One The Complete Tenth Doctor Adventures and The Complete Year One The Complete Eleventh Doctor Adventures.

These beautiful new hardcover collections will be released by Titan Comics on the 21st of November. This is a great time to pick up the perfect holiday gift for that special Whovian in your life.

The two collections feature a full year of comics based on the adventures of the widely popular tenth and eleventh Doctors who were played by David Tennant and Matt Smith respectively in the BBC television serial. Also featured in the comics are several of the comic series companions including Cindy Wu, Gabby Gonzalez, Rachael Stott, Alice Obiefune, Nick Abadzis, Daniel Indro, Eleonora Carlini, Slamet Mujiono, Robbie Morrison, Arianna Florean, Al Ewing, Warren Pleece, Boo Cook, Simon Fraser and Rob Williams.

Each hardcover collection has a gorgeous portrait of the Doctor on the cover. Click the images above to enlarge. The Complete Year One Twelfth Doctor collection will be released by Titan Comics in December. Each Year One collection retails at $49.99 or £44.99 and is currently available for preorder. They will also be available for digital download via Comixology.
Tenth Doctor Collection Description:

The collected Year One comic adventures of the critically acclaimed Tenth Doctor, as played by David Tennant!
Two strangers: the Doctor, charming, eccentric Time Lord with a past as dark and heavy as a black hole; Gabriella Gonzalez, waitress and wannabe artist with a future dragging her down like lead chains.
Hurled together by a wave of psychic horror haunting New York, they embark on an epic new adventure across time and space when a left turn in the Time Vortex strands them in the bomb-besieged trenches of World War I!
And it’s not just the churning mud or the constant bombardments they have to worry about… the fearsome Weeping Angels are here and feasting on the futures of the soldiers on all sides!
There’s barely time for Gabby to catch up with her best friend Cindy Wu before a cosmic terror causes chaos across the city!
When an aging Hollywood star is empowered by an extraterrestrial artefact, the Doctor, Gabby and Cindy are swept up in their biggest adventure yet!

Eleventh Doctor Collection Description:

The Eleventh Doctor has an all-new TARDIS crew: whip-smart Alice Obiefune, mercurial Jones and the shapeshifting ARC! But whether battling time in the TARDIS running backwards; alien war in the Earthly skies; deadly machinations of SERVEYOU Inc; a Cyber-invasion of ancient Rome; or the final stand against the Talent Scout, terror, awe, and danger are never far away! Masterful writers Al Ewing (Loki: Agent of Asgard, Mighty Avengers) and Rob Williams (Ordinary, The Royals: Masters of War) team with astounding artists Simon Fraser (Nikolai Dante), Warren Pleece (Hellblazer) and Boo Cook (Elephantmen) to blast the Eleventh Doctor – as played by Matt Smith – into a tantalizing new era of time-twisting comics stories! Collects Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Year One #1-15