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13th Doctor books to be released by Penguin Random House

Hot off the Sunday reveal of the 13th Doctor, Penguin Publishing Random House have confirmed the release of books, chronicling the adventures of Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor, from Series 11 onwards.

Penguin have long being the partner of Doctor Who literary works for the BBC since the 90s, so this reveal will come as no surprise. The deal will cover fiction, non-fiction, audio texts and annual books.

Francesca Dow, Managing Director of Penguin Random House Children’s UK, reaffirmed the significance of this deal at a monumental crossroads for Doctor Who:

“What an exciting time to be renewing our partnership with BBC Worldwide as Doctor Who moves into a new era with its first female Doctor. Doctor Who stands for transformational magical storytelling and we can’t wait to take the new Doctor on new adventures in our books as we continue to expand the Doctor Who universe. We’ll be publishing for brand new fans meeting the Doctor for the very first time, as well as the existing fans who already know and love the show as much as we do.”