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2013 Classic Doctor Who DVD Update

BBC Worldwide have given details of some of their DVD releases in the classic series range for next year.

January 7th – The Legacy Box Set – Shada and More Than 30 Years in the TARDIS.
(This release will include around three hours worth of brand new extras.)

January 28th – The Reign of Terror.
(Which will include brand new animated versions of the two missing episodes.)

February 18th – The Ark In Space: Special Edition.

March 11th – The Aztecs: Special Edition.
(The release will also include Air Lock, the recently-recovered third episode of lost story Galaxy 4.)

No details were given for April or May.

June 25th – Terror of the Zygons.

June will also see the release of the first (and perhaps only) classic series Blu-ray story, Jon Pertwee’s debut Spearhead from Space – which unlike it’s fellows was recorded all on film due to a BBC strike during its production.

No news yet on the other stories expected next year, including a hopefully fully-colourised The Mind of Evil, the two incomplete black and white stories The Tenth Planet and The Ice Warriors, and a Special Edition of Inferno, nor on the plans for the other recently-recovered lost episode, from The Underwater Menace. Patrick Troughton’s incomplete Cyberman story The Moonbase is also rumoured a release.