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2018 Doctor Who Christmas Special Confirmed?

With the new formatting of the Doctor Who television program, it has thus far been unclear as to whether or not there will be a Christmas Special this year. However, an eagle eyed fan may have just found evidence that we can expect one after all.

A Twitter user known as Ruther2, who has posted similar reveals in the past about upcoming Doctor Who actors has recently tweeted about television editor Edel McDonnell’s online CV which lists the 2018 Doctor Who Christmas Special as recent experience.

McDonnell’s CV also lists the Christmas Special director as being Wayne Yip. Yip directed the Doctor Who spinoff Class as well as two episodes of Doctor Who entitled Empress of Mars and The Lie of the Land. Edel McDonnell has worked on the same episodes of Doctor Who and Class, as well as Broadchurch, which makes them ideal for the new crew.

The CV also lists the producer for the Christmas Special as Nikki Wilson, who fans may know for her work on The Sarah Jane Adventures as well as several episodes of Doctor Who.

BBC has not officially commented on the 2018 Doctor Who Christmas Special. Series 11 of Doctor Who airs in Autumn of 2018.

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