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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebrations Continue

As we get closer to the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, more and more surprises keep popping up, one of the most recent being ‘Penguin Publishers’ announcing their schedule for the anniversary year, which is as follows:

Doctor Who: Anniversary Sticker Book – 4th April, £7.99
Doctor Who: Where’s the Doctor? – 4th April, £5.99 (Reissue)
Doctor Who: Official Annual 2014 – 1st August, £7.99
Doctor Who: Lost in Space – 5th September, £8.99
The Essential Guide to Fifty Years of Doctor Who – October, £12.99
Doctor Who: Anniversary Anthology – November, £7.99.

In a video on his YouTube account, Steven Moffat’s son Joshua, conducted an interview with his Dad. Towards the end of the video Steven says that he is in the process of writing the 50th and he feels ‘tremendous pressure’ to not let us down.

I somehow don’t think that’s going to happen…Do you?