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6 Things To Do While Waiting For Doctor Who

As any devout Whovian knows, Doctor Who series 10 has been postponed until 2017, leaving us with only a Christmas Special in 2016. Obviously, we have all been devastated by this. But don’t give up hope! Just because we don’t have a new series to watch does not mean there is nothing else to do. So, here are 6 things to do while waiting for Doctor Who!

1. Re-watch Old Episodes!

Although we are not going to get anything new for a while, there is no reason we cannot go back and watch old episodes! Let’s face it, there’s plenty of them out there to last us until next year, with almost all the classic episodes available on DVD. Not only can you buy the series on DVD/Blu-Ray, you also have Netflix and other streaming sites. Unfortunately, Doctor Who has been taken off of Netflix in the United States. However, for you Amazon Prime users, you still have access to all new-Who episodes! If none of these options are unavailable to you, try to borrow some DVDs from a friend, or even go to your television – most networks often replay episodes on BBC – or BBC America in the U.S. – so there is always a chance to see your favourite episodes there!

2. Conventions!

All over the United States and the United Kingdom, there are many opportunities to go to conventions, where you can meet Doctor Who stars, as well as take place in cosplay and shopping for sweet Doctor Who-related items. Conventions can also be a great place for you to find fellow fans and make friends, as well as join communities. Although this can be a costly option, but it is totally worth it to get autographs and photos with your favourite Doctor Who stars!

3. Books, Magazines and Graphic Novels!

Are you one of those Whovians who has seen every episode 100 times and is looking for something new? Go pick yourself up a book! There are hundreds of Doctor Who stories untold on TV that are all in books and graphic novels. These stories do not involve just the new-Who doctors either, they range all the way back to the First Doctor. As well as fiction books, there are all sorts of non-fiction books about the show, including the Doctor Who Complete History. There are also several magazines dedicated to the show, such as Doctor Who Magazine, Doctor Who Adventures, the DWM special editions. So if you’re an avid reader, there’s plenty available to keep you occupied.

4. Audio Books

We are fortunate that our favourite show is not just available on TV and in written form, but there’s also lots of audio adventures to enjoy as well. Big Finish and BBC Audio regularly release new audio books, featuring the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Doctors, so there really is something for everyone. This is a great way to discover new adventures, with an impressive back catalogue of adventures and a year in which to listen to them.

5. Social Media! Video Games! News!

A lot of people do not realise how many Doctor Who-related activities there are out there, even during this off-season. For example, there is still a large amount of news despite the show’s absence. There are also many videos games you can find online and even in stores to entertain yourself with more Doctor Who stories. Another large area is social media. On any major social site, there are multiple accounts and users all dedicated to Doctor Who. This is a great way to easily talk with other fans of the show. Not only that, but the internet can be a great place to share any of your own fan art, opinions, or just browse the millions of posts and statuses about Doctor Who!

6. Spread the Phenomenon!

If you are all out of options for yourself, spread Doctor Who and make the world a few more Whovians (you know there can never be too many)! Invite your doubtful friends over, and show them the greatest show you have ever witnessed on television! There will always be those who do not like it, but there will always be at least one who does!

Now, instead of idling in sadness waiting for new episodes to return to television, do not give up hope! Go out there and immerse yourself in the Doctor Who universe!