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A New Addition To The Gallifrey Times

Hello esteemed readers!  I’d like to humbly introduce myself – the newest addition to The Gallifrey Times team!  I’m Aleaumin, or Aleau for short (please, not Aleauminium, hah!).

I’ve joined up with The Gallifrey Times as a Classic Doctor Who reviewer – I’ll also keep you abreast of news regarding DVD releases, etc!  I’ve always been a big fan of the show, its books and the community – and I’ve always wanted to share with others my experiences and thoughts.  So what better way than to write?  I’ve been reading The Gallifrey Times for a while.  I’ve always wanted to write, and felt TGT could do with a little more Classic Doctor Who infusions – so I applied and was given this wonderful opportunity.  So here I am!

My first encounter with Doctor Who was at the young age of three, and I’ve been been obsessed with it ever since.  To the point that I’ll stay up all night just to ensure I get my DVD orders in early.  I have not one, but three, favourite stories: Inferno (Third Doctor), Logopolis (Fourth Doctor) and Caves of Androzani (Fifth Doctor).  My favourite Doctors would also have to be Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker!  Together they represented the best of this fine British institution.

Very much looking foward to working for TGT and bringing some Classic Doctor Who goodness!  Adieu for now!