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A new Doctor Who attraction could be coming to Cardiff

Many were disappointed to see the closure of the Doctor Who Experience, with over 12,000 people signing a petition against its closure. However, there may be some good news on the horizon as a senior councillor announces that a new Doctor Who attraction could soon be materialising in Cardiff.

When the Experience was closed, BBC Worldwide were uncertain as to the possibility of continuing in a different location. Cardiff council said the land was owned by the Welsh Government and their development partner, Igloo Regeneration.

“It was leased to the council for five years to enable its relocation from Olympia to Cardiff on a temporary basis. It has always been the intention for the site to be developed as part of the ongoing Porth Teigr regeneration project.
The agreement was always intended to be for five years only, reflecting the nature of the attraction. The decision to close the Experience at the end of the lease next summer has been mutually agreed by all parties involved, including the operators BBC Worldwide.”

But now Cabinet member Russell Goodway has reveaed that discussions are ongoing about the future of the building in Cardiff Bay and they are looking to find a new use for it in the future.
In response to a written question by Lib Dem Councillor Emma Sandrey, Councillor Goodway said “discussions had been ongoing with BBC Worldwide to secure a replacement Doctor Who related attraction in the city.”

“In terms of the former Doctor Who Exhibition building in Cardiff Bay, discussions are ongoing with both Igloo, the land owners, and Welsh Government, with a view to agreeing an extension of the lease arrangements following the expiry of the original five year lease.
“If a new lease can be secured, there are a number of potential leisure based uses for the building that the administration will consider. I will make a statement in the near future regarding the financial impact on the council of the original decision to bring the Doctor Who Experience to Cardiff Bay.”

Goodway also announced that he is ready to share proposals about that new attraction with councillors, informing them that he has agreed to involve Lib Dem Councillor Rodney Berman and leader of the opposition Conservative Adrian Robson to be involved in the discussions.
Cardiff council has yet to make any comment about future plans, but it’s promising for us Whovians that some people are out there trying to save our beloved Experience or at least bring us a new, exciting Doctor Who attraction.