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Adric Returns In New Big Finish Audios

Big Finish have announced that Matthew Waterhouse will be reprising his role as Adric along side Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor in three brand new adventures.

After 35 years away from the TARDIS, Adric will join the Doctor, Nyssa (Sarah Sutton) and Tegan (Janet Fielding) in 2017 for three audio adventures set around season 19 of the television series. The character will also make an appearance in Doctor Who: The Fifth Doctor Box Set.

Alan Barnes, Doctor Who main range script editor, said:

“I’ve got a huge amount of affection for Adric and the whole of Season 19. It’s the series that was on TV when I was 11, turning 12, which is a great moment to be a Doctor Who fan, when you’re madly enthusiastic but not yet so insanely critical that you can’t enjoy it!”

The first adventure in the series is Doctor Who: The Star Men, written by Andrew Smith; who also wrote Adric’s introductory adventure Full Circle. 

Barnes adds:

“The first thing I wanted to do was to get Andrew writing Adric again, because he’d been such a huge part of the character’s development. So with The Star Men I asked Andrew to write something significant for Adric, something to serve the character well and perhaps show him in a slightly different light. I wanted a cosmically big sort of story, too, ‘full of spacey stuff’. I think it’s a bit of a shame that Season 18’s script editor Christopher H Bidmead didn’t do Season 19 as well, so that was part of the thinking: ‘What would Bidmead do?'”

The other episodes in the series are Doctor Who: The Contingency Club by Phil Mulryne and Doctor Who: Zaltys by Matthew J Elliot.

“Zaltys came about because it struck me that there are a few hints in Season 19 that some of the directors have been looking at pop videos of the day – in the ‘Tegan’s mind’ bits of Kinda, for example, and in the Adam Ant-like ‘chandelier jump’ in Castrovalva – so I asked Matthew to think about the sort of story that could have been told in the language of the pop video circa 1981/2. Yes, obviously, we don’t have the visuals, but every story needs a starting point, and that can be almost anything. You’ll have to wait to work out which particular videos we were looking at!”

The three stories are available to pre-order from the Big Finish website here and will be available to buy from January 2017.