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Alex Kingston: ‘Women Like Kick-Ass River Song’

Alex Kingston who plays Proffesor River Song in Doctor Who has said that people have praised her for playing a “kick-ass” older woman in Doctor Who.

Talking about her character to the Evening Standard, she said:

“It plays with the notion of an older woman being in love with a younger man, who in his own funny, confused way loves her but doesn’t quite know why, because it’s a love in the future, in a different body.

“I’m not sure you’d get that kind of dynamic in America. At first I thought, my goodness, children aren’t really going to understand or respond to River Song because of the age difference. But it seems they don’t notice that. It’s the character they are responding to.”

She added: “I have had women coming up to me saying that she’s a fantastic role model. That it’s great to see a woman in her 40s being kick-ass.”

Thanks to Digital Spy.