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Another Newbie To The Gallifrey Times!

Hello there, Whoniverse! My name is Sophie and I am excited to be the newest contributor to The Gallifrey Times.

I have been a fan of Doctor Who since 2005, when the show returned triumphantly to our screens with my first Doctor, Christopher Eccleston. I might never have been a fan of the show if it weren’t for my mum’s side of the family – my mum grew up watching Tom Baker’s era and my grandfather remembers Jon Pertwee’s era. It was my mum who convinced me on that fateful day to settle in front of the TV and watch a programme that she loved as a kid. Doctor Who was introduced to an entirely new generation of people like myself, who could now share the same experience as their parents of hiding behind the sofa whenever the monsters appeared! (Fun fact: My mum named me after an actress who happened to be in Doctor Who – Sophie Aldred!)

As a fan living in the UK, I’m privileged enough to be able to attend a lot of the events held over here. My highlights have included attending the last two Doctor Who Proms, visiting the TARDIS console room set at the BBC studios and being able to meet the utterly lovely 11th Doctor, Matt Smith!

Outside of Doctor Who, I am currently studying for my A Levels in art, media and photography at college, though I somehow seemed to have made a reputation for myself among my peers as ‘that crazy Doctor Who fan girl’. Personally, I don’t think that’s a bad status!

I can’t wait to begin sharing news with you all here at The Gallifrey Times. This is an extraordinarily exciting year to be a Doctor Who fan, so I will always have my eyes peeled for the latest developments and news!