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Barrowman ‘Not Devastated’ By Smiths Departure

John Barrowman, a.k.a: Captain Jack Harkness, the occasional Doctor Who character and star of Torchwood, has been chatting to MTV Geek at the ‘Wizard World’s Philadelphia Comic Con’, strangely enough held in Philadelphia last weekend. Barrowman was asked his thoughts regarding the recent news that Matt Smith is soon to vacate the TARDIS for pastures new:

“I don’t know what the reaction is people want me to have but as an actor, it’s no big deal; it is a job for him [Smith]. I wasn’t devastated, I wasn’t gutted, but I am excited to see who the new Doctor will be… 

“I know ‘Doctor Who’ so well and know the Doctors are going to change, so I’m not devastated he’s going — but it is sad for the fans.” 

“When David left, everyone was like, ‘Oh, it’s not going to be the same’ but it’s going to be OK. You’ll just join along and be a part of it, as you always are.”

When asked whether there was a need to find the best possible candidate for the role, regardless of gender or race, he went on to say:

“Oh my god, anybody, yeah!” he said. “But my opinion doesn’t really matter because I don’t write the show and don’t produce it, but I think a black Doctor, Asian Doctor, white Doctor, gay Doctor, a straight Doctor, a bi Doctor – whatever – I’m open to all that.”

So John Barrowman was nonplussed on the departure of Matt Smith and with his non appearance in the 50th Aniversary Special, is this an honest appraisal or possibly sour grapes towards the current team? Comments are open below, don’t be shy, we love a good chat.