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BBC America’s The Doctors Revisited: Jon Pertwee Trailer

BBC America have released a trailer for the third of their specials, Doctor Who Revisited.

There will be a 25-minute special celebrating the Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee, followed by his first serial, Spearhead from Space, broadcast on 31st March at 8pm ET. 

Take an in-depth look at the third incarnation of the truly timeless Time Lord, who brought action and stunts to the series. With exclusive interviews with lead writer & executive producer STEVEN MOFFAT, executive producer CAROLINE SKINNER, Tenth Doctor DAVID TENNANT, Season Six guest star HUGH BONNEVILLE (Downton Abbey) and more! 

Then, in the story “Spearhead from Space,” a swarm of meteorites fall on the sleepy English countryside, bringing with them a terrible new threat to mankind: the Nestene consciousness — a disembodied alien intelligence with an affinity for plastic. The Doctor is forced to race against time, in order to stop humanity from being replaced by a generation of terrifying plastic replicas.