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BBC Cancels Plans For Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock Sequels

Plans to make sequels to Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock have been cancelled by BBC Worldwide, who originally planned three games in the series.

Robert Nashak, executive vice president of digital entertainment and games, spoke to Digital Spy about the decision:

“We’re keeping it as an option moving forward, but we want to see where with Doctor Who we can reach the fans best. 

“On console is interesting, because console fans really love the game, but the expectations are for a lot of the development spent on console, 

“So we’re trying to figure out what is the best route for reaching Doctor Who fans with really, really great content. 

“We love the storyline we developed there, we love the feel of that game, and so we’re definitely thinking about it for the future, but there is nothing in the plans right now.”

The Eternity Clock isn’t the first series of games to be cancelled by the BBC, with The Adventure Games also suffering from a cancellation after plans for its second season were cancelled after its first episode.

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