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BBC Launches Doctor Who: Time Vortex 360

The BBC has released its first-ever 360° arcade game, allowing Doctor Who fans to take control of the TARDIS and pilot it through the show’s iconic time vortex.

Doctor Who: Time Vortex 360 is an endless runner game that lets players on their smartphone or tablet physically move their device through 360 degrees to avoid obstacles flying at them in an increasingly turbulent time vortex, collecting energy orbs and useful pickups to boost their score along the way.

The experimental game, designed for the BBC by Goodboy Digital, is also available on desktop with players able to use their mouse to control the action.

Take a look at Doctor Who: Time Vortex 360 in action in the trailer below:

Jo Pearce, creative director for BBC Digital Drama, said:

“The beauty of this game is that you can use your mobile phone to fly the TARDIS wherever you are. Digital innovation is at the very heart of Doctor Who – this 360 degree game allows people to navigate the TARDIS through time and space like never before.

“We’ve seen a lot of innovation recently in the 360 and virtual reality space, but the majority has focused on ‘experiential’ video-based experiences. This game, however, brings together the worlds of casual, arcade-style gaming and 360/VR to create a fun Doctor Who experience that people can easily pick up and play, wherever they are.”

Doctor Who: Time Vortex 360 can be found on the BBC Taster site, where players will also be able to rate the game and provide feedback.

[Source: Doctor Who News]