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BBC Live Lesson Takes Children On An Educational Adventure

‘The Doctor needs your help… The Daleks have engineered a supernova of epic proportions that has damaged the TARDIS, and now the devastating shock wave is heading to Earth. Only the combined power of a million micro:bits can save the TARDIS, the Doctor and the world!’

On Tuesday 28th March, the BBC are holding a live stream of their interactive lesson featuring the Doctor, which will be streamed to classrooms across the UK via the Live Lessons website.

Using a BBC micro:bit – a small device which enables students to write code and create interactive creations – students will help the Doctor defeat the Daleks and save Earth in a brand new 50 minute adventure.

This lesson, which focusses on ‘computational thinking skills’, is aimed at 11-13 year olds and features guest experts from the fields of web search and computer gaming. The lesson will continue on Monday 24th April, with more linked projects and another adventure with the Doctor.

Doctor Who and the micro:bit Live Lesson live stream will take place at 11am on Tuesday 28th March. For more information, visit the website here.