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BBC Radio 2 to air special behind the scenes show about the Christmas Special

As we all know, Christmas is going to be an exciting (and let’s face it, very emotional) Christmas, but this year, we’ll be getting an extra treat to celebrate Capaldi’s final moments.

The BBC have announced that there will be a one-off BBC Radio 2 special on 21st December, recorded on location during filming, featuring interviews with Steven Moffat, Pearl Mackie, David Bradley, Matt Lucas and Peter Capaldi himself.

The show will be hosted by Jo Whiley, who said:

“We were really lucky to be on location when they were filming the final scenes of the Christmas Day Doctor Who special. So we spent the day with the cast, and it was all very emotional.
It just felt like a real privilege that we were there to watch some of the most emotional scenes that people will see play out on the Christmas Day Doctor Who. To see the chemistry between all the different characters, to watch the Doctor as he nears the end of this incarnation.

It’s fantastic, just to hear all the various members of the cast telling us about the things that had happened beforehand, and the story behind it all. It’s just going to be such a huge emotional climax on Christmas Day, when people watch the whole thing.

We did a really really long interview with Peter; we got him to choose lots of songs and bits of music that he loves, and he’d thought it all through.

He’s such a music fan that he’d been agonising over what songs to play. So, we get to hear the Doctor’s musical passions. We spoke to Matt, we spoke to Pearl, we spoke to various members of the Doctor Who team. We speak to all the cast who are involved.”

The official synopsis reveals:

As Peter Capaldi calls time on his adventures in the Tardis, Jo has exclusive access to the Doctor Who team. She catches up with the stars of the series on the set including Pearl Mackie, David Bradley, exec producer extraordinaire Steven Moffat, and the Doctor himself. Plus, Jo hears from outgoing companion, Matt Lucas, and digs into the BBC Doctor Who archive.

There will be stories from behind the scenes including how Matt approaches being recognised by fans, the radical ways in which Pearl’s life has changed, Pele’s reaction to signing a Brazil shirt for the Doctor and how Doctor Who has always been with Peter Capaldi – from dressing up as a Dalek as a child, to karaoke singalongs to The Killers all in the name of getting into character…

Plus, Radio 2 listeners will find out which member of the team has a penchant for Chas and Dave!

Whiley was also very excited about Twice Upon A Time, enthusing that fans will have much to look forward to on Christmas day:

“The thing that struck me the most about the day was that it was such an epic production. It’s going to look incredible.

They actually treated us to watching back some of the filming that they’d done a couple of days beforehand; the scale of what they’ve done, the directing is incredible.

They wanted to give people the best possible send-off with the grandest story; they wanted to give the viewers something to remember him by, and the greatest Doctor Who Christmas Day special that they possibly could watch.”

The Jo Whiley – Access All Areas Doctor Who Special will be broadcast on BBC Radio 2 from 8 to 10pm on Thursday 21st December.