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BBC Shop To Close On 30th March

BBC Worldwide has announced that it will be closing the online BBC Shop – which sells an array of Doctor Who merchandise including DVDs, clothing and toys – in order to concentrate on BBC Store, the recently launched online store that sells digital copies of BBC shows.

BBC Worldwide stated the reasoning for the closure:

The DVD market has been in decline for a number of years as consumers move to digital viewing. The market no longer supports the commercial release of many of the titles we’re able to make available on BBC Store. BBC Worldwide returns profits to the BBC’s Public Service to reinvest in programming.

However, this does not mean that they will stop producing DVDs, as explained on their website:

BBC Worldwide will continue to make popular programmes available on DVD and Blu-ray disc. The cost of releasing programmes can be significant and we have to carefully balance decisions about which programmes to release against factors such as the number of people who may be interested in owning them.

Other branded merchandise, including clothing and toys, will also be available:

BBC Worldwide will continue to work with external organisations to create great BBC merchandise of favourite shows such as Doctor Who Monopoly or Sherlock T shirts and you will continue to be able to buy these products from many high street and online retailers as well as supermarkets.

The BBC Shop will officially close on 30th March. Dates for final orders are as follows:
  • Rest of World – 5pm 14th March 2016
  • Europe – 5pm 21st March 2016
  • UK – midnight 29th March 2016
In the meantime, there is a closing down sale, so head over there now and grab yourself a bargain!