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Ben Bailey Smith talks about Doctor Who

Sunday’s episode of Doctor Who: The Tsuranga Conundrum featured popular British rapper/comedian Doc Brown. No not Doc Brown from Back to the Future. This isn’t an Epic Rap Battle after all. Actor Ben Bailey Smith, better known as Doc Brown, recently discussed his thoughts on Doctor Who.

Ben Bailey Smith is a 41 year old rapper turned comedian who released a new album titled Stemma in 2017. He began his acting career in 2007 and has worked on many well known television programs such as Law & Order: UK and The Inbetweeners. Now Smith can add Doctor Who to his repertoire. The actor played Durkas Cicero in Doctor Who: The Tsuranga Conundrum which aired on Sunday.

The actor was recently interviewed on Good Morning Britain. Smith was asked about his involvement with Doctor Who. The actor stated, “Obviously Doctor Who in general is such a national treasure, so I knew it was important”. He continued, “The fact that Jodie is the Doctor and everything that’s been going on in the past, I knew it meant something”. Smith added that when he first saw the popular hashtag circulating on Twitter #ItsAboutTime he knew that the show was going to work “on so many levels”.

Smith thought the new casting was genius. He admitted that it was great for his daughters to see a female Doctor on the television.

Doctor Who series 11 airs every Sunday on BBC1 and BBC America.

[Source: Good Morning Britain]