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BFI Introduces Ticket Ballot System For Doctor Who 50th Screenings

Due to an excessive demand for tickets for the Doctor Who at 50 screenings, the British Film Insitute has introduced a ticket balloting system for May’s screening of “The Caves of Androzani” onwards due to events selling out to members of the BFI and large numbers of fans missing out on tickets. Seats are being restricted to two per buyer for this screening and a ballot is also being run to try and keep the allocation fair.

BFI Members will be able to apply via e-mail up to 8:30pm on Friday 5th April, including in the e-mail if they would like one or two seats, with booking for BFI Champions opening on Monday 1st April. These requests will then be allocated by ballot. People applying for tickets can ask for specific seat numbers in their requests and BFI have promised that they’ll do their best to meet those requests. It’s also noted that if the applicants are content to sit somewhere else in the auditorium if their request is not available then they should say so in their application. In this circumstance, the BFI will sit them as close to their originally desired seats as possible. Likewise, if applicants only want to sit in the seats they’ve requested originally, they are asked to say so in their application to BFI.

Any remaining tickets following the ballot and roughly 25 seats allocated for the public will subsequently go on release to people who aren’t members of the BFI on Tuesday 9th April. People are still restricted to two seats in this circumstance. As always, return tickets and stand-by positions are always a possibility once an event sells out.

[Source: Doctor Who News]