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BFI To Celebrate 50th Anniversary With Doctor Who Screenings

The British Film Institute have been a big part of Doctor Who for many years, so like the rest of us they’re celebrating the fantastic 50th Anniversary of a certain Time Lord.

Each month the BFI will screen an iconic episode of Doctor Who for each Doctor, starting with William Hartnell and An Unearthly Child, then going on to Patrick Troughton and The Tomb of The Cybermen, a special advance screening of the colourised version of The Mind of Evil for Jon Pertwee. These three are the only ones announced thus far, but a story per Doctor is expected each month. 
Also! The BFI are planning a very special Preview screening of the inception of Doctor Who Drama: An Adventure in Space and Time penned by Mark Gatiss.
Mark Gatiss.

Each screening will feature a guest or guests involved in each story. The announced screening thus far include:

An Unearthly Child Saturday January 12th 15:30pm

The Tomb of the Cybermen Saturday February 9th 14:30pm

The Mind of Evil (Recolourised) – March – Date and time TBC

An Adventure In Space and Time – November – Date and time TBC

All in all it’s shaping up to be a very exciting 50th Anniversary.