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Bid On The Doctor’s School Report For Charity!

If you’ve ever wondered what the Doctor was like at school, then look no further – a reproduction of his school report has surfaced and is now being auctioned off on eBay to raise funds for Cecily’s Fund, a UK-based organisation which works to provide access to education for orphaned and other vulnerable children and young people in Zambia.

the original presumably lost along with Gallifrey – at least for now – the
Doctor’s school report has instead been faithfully recreated by the latest
actor to portray him, Peter Capaldi, and features his teacher’s comments on a variety of
subjects. It certainly comes as no surprise to learn that although he
earns an A+ for Dalek fighting, his manners are found to be ‘far from
Capaldi joins sixteen other celebrities in reimagining reports from their school days, including fellow Doctor Who actors Hugh Bonneville (The Curse of the Black Spot) and Bill Nighy (Vincent and the Doctor). 

The auction – which can be viewed here, and also includes a signed photo of Capaldi – is now live and runs through until July 4th.

[Source: Dr Who Online]