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Big Finish Announce Details For New War Doctor Audios

Big Finish has revealed further details for the third release in its War Doctor series, starring John Hurt as the War Doctor and Jacqueline Pearce as Cardinal Ollistra.

This Autumn, the Time War rages on with the War Doctor set to face Sontarans, an invasion of Earth and the Dalek Time Strategist.

Doctor Who – The War Doctor 3: Agents of Chaos is the third volume in the series of full cast audio dramas, in which the War Doctor and Cardinal Ollistra are thrown deeper into the Time War.

The Shadow Vortex

Written by David Llewellyn

The Time Lords have detected that their quantum shield protecting Earth has been breached by the Daleks, and the War Doctor is sent to Berlin 1961, at the height of the Cold War, to investigate. There he finds that the Daleks have their own agent on the scene.

The audio drama includes Neve McIntosh (who plays Madame Vastra) and Honeysuckle Weeks as Heleyna. Llewellyn said of the drama: 

‘I was given a very open brief: Send the War Doctor to Earth. So then I started thinking, “Where on Earth (literally) can I picture the War Doctor?” and the first image that came to mind was Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate in the early ’60s – checkpoints in place, the boundary between East and West. Time War meets Cold War. Then I pictured a Dalek saucer landing right in front of it. Then I pictured the skies above Berlin swarming with Daleks. Then I got really, really excited and I started to write.’

The Eternity Cage 

Written by Andrew Smith

The Sontarans continue their campaign to join the Time War – while the Time Lords and the Daleks refuse to allow them to join in. This may change, however, when the Sontarans score a victory over both sides.

This story is Andrew’s second set story to be set during the Time War after the upcoming story The Sontaran Ordeal, which is part of Doctor Who: Classic Doctors, New Monsters Volume 1.

Dan Starkey plays the Sontarans, while Josh Bolt stars as Kalan. Smith said of the story: 

‘I was asked to write a story taking for its inspiration Alistair MacLean’s Where Eagles Dare. So we have an apparently impenetrable fortress on a mountaintop, and the Doctor leading an elite group on a rescue mission. But instead of the German army trying to stop them, it’s Sontarans! With the Daleks not far away either.’

Eye of Harmony

Written by Ken Bentley

The fate of Gallifrey hangs in the balance when the Daleks gain the upper hand, while the Doctor and his allies fight to stay alive against all odds.

Bentley said of the story: 

‘I grew up watching war films. They were a staple of weekend viewing when I was a boy, so it was great to have the opportunity to explore the genre in Doctor Who, where we generally avoid anything too dark. But even more exciting is that fact that I’ve written a play for John Hurt. JOHN HURT!! If you’d told me that might happen when I first started working for Big Finish I wouldn’t have believed you.’

The set also introduces a new character into the Time War – the Dalek Time Strategist, who is voiced by Dalek supremo Nicholas Briggs. Script Editor Matt Fitton said of the character: 

‘At the end of Dark Eyes, and the defeat of the Dalek Time Controller, it was hinted that a new ‘Time Strategist’ would be created in its wake.

Daleks never go to war without a plan, and a Time War needs a special kind of planner, capable of viewing the field of conflict through four dimensions and beyond. This is the Dalek Time Strategist: a time-sensitive war-leader, utterly dedicated to achieving Dalek victory over the Time Lords by any means it can.’

Doctor Who – The War Doctor 3: Agents of Chaos is available to pre-order from the Big Finish website.