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Big Finish Audios To Be Released In Germany

German book distributer Bastei Lübbe have announced that they will be releasing a number of Big Finish audio adventures in Germany. Lübbe reported in its recent sales magazine that there will be six releases which will be available from 11th March 2016.

The stories that have been announced so far are:

  • The Light at the End by Nicholas Briggs
  • Blood of the Daleks Part 1 by Steve Lyons
  • Blood of the Daleks Part 2 by Steve Lyons
  • The Juggernauts by Scott Allen Woodard
  • Destination Nerva by Nicholas Briggs
  • Short Trips – Volume 1 by Scott Allen Woodard
All stories will be in English and priced 14.99 EUR. It is unknown whether these releases are a one-off or if Lübbe is will be releasing Big Finish audios regularly.