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Big Finish Give Special Offer For Doctor Who Releases

To celebrate Easter and the return of Doctor Who, Big Finish are running a special offer on a few of their recent releases, selling them for the same amount of money as they were for pre-order:

“They’re back! This weekend as a special Easter treat, we’re rolling back the prices of the Doctor Who special releases to their pre-order states!

  • Doctor Who: Love and War – an audio adaptation of the classic New Adventures novel, featuring the Seventh Doctor and Ace’s first encounter with Bernice Summerfield.
  • Doctor Who: Dark Eyes – an epic adventure across many worlds and times with an Eighth Doctor wounded from recent losses, a fearless new companion and the ever-present threat of the Daleks.
  • Doctor Who – UNIT: Dominion – The Seventh Doctor and Raine trip across dimensions while another incarnation of the Doctor teams up with UNIT to fight extra-dimensional incursions. But what’s really going on?
  • Doctor Who: Voyage to Venus/Voyage to the New World: The Sixth Doctor takes his old friends Jago & Litefoot sight-seeing around the cosmos, leading to an ill-fated landing which leads neatly into the new Jago & Litefoot fifth series box set.

Available since the end of last year, the Special Releases are some of our most acclaimed audios.”

The special offer lasts until Tuesday.
[Source: Doctor Who News]