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Big Finish: Ianto Returns To Torchwood

Big Finish have announced that actor Gareth David-Lloyd will star as fan-favourite character Ianto Jones for the second audio release in a new series of Torchwood Audio Dramas, titled Torchwood: Fall To Earth.

Gareth became a firmly popular character in the television series of Torchwood, having appeared regularly in the first three series as a mild-mannered administrator, helping the Torchwood team defend Cardiff from the dangers of the rift. He also made an appearance in The Stolen Earth / Journey’s End, a two-part finale of the fourth series of Doctor Who, in which Ianto aided the Tenth Doctor in a cataclysmic battle against the Daleks.

Ianto made his last television appearance in the 2009 Torchwood mini-series Children of Earth, where the character was tragically killed off, much to the anger and sadness of fans. His legacy and popularity lived on through a commemorative memorial erected in Cardiff Bay.

Producer James Goss shared his enthusiasm for the casting:

“Well, how could we not? Ianto’s such a brilliant character, and if we kept people on tenterhooks any longer, we’d be fools. Of course he’s in it and as soon as possible. We recorded with him literally the first day after he finished a theatre tour. Did he want to put his feet up? Nope. He wanted to be Ianto.”

Gareth will make his return in Torchwood: Fall To Earth, where the team’s investigation into an ongoing worldwide conspiracy will place Ianto on a privately-funded spaceflight plunging out of the sky:

The SkyPuncher is the first private spaceflight. But Ephraim Salt’s visionary project has gone horribly wrong – the ship is falling out of the sky and there seems no way to stop it. Ianto Jones thought the flight would be sabotaged. The only problem is… he’s on board.

The release follows from John Barrowman’s return as Captain Jack Harkness in Torchwood: The Conspiracy. Each audio drama focuses on a different member of the Torchwood team, exploring the impact of mysterious events and perils.

Director Scott Handcock also shared his excitement over the upcoming drama:

“Seeing Gareth in studio was an absolute delight. He clearly loves the part and had a great time. And can’t wait to be back.”

Torchwood: Fall To Earth will be released in October, allowing for an unbroken run of stories beginning in September. Four more audio dramas will be released at monthly intervals until February 2016.

James Goss explained the reorganisation of the release schedule:

“There was originally going to be a gap after the first release, but we soon realised that everyone we spoke to was being so helpful, we’d be in studio a lot earlier. Actors, writers, agents, BBC Worldwide have all been amazing – ‘Well, since it’s Torchwood’ everyone kept saying. So it’s coming out early. Since it’s Torchwood.”

Torchwood: Fall to Earth can be pre-ordered today, ahead of the release in October. You can subscribe to all six titles today, starting with September’s Torchwood: The Conspiracy. 

Are you excited for Ianto’s return? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

[Source: Big Finish]