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Big Finish Productions Have Doctor Who License Renewed

Some great news for Doctor Who audio adventure fans has been revealed today. Big Finish Productions have announced that AudioGO have extended their license to produce Doctor Who audio adventures up until December 2016. The full statement from Big Finish can be found below:

“It’s an absolute privilege to be entrusted with making audio adventures for Doctor Who for at least another three years,’ says executive producer Jason Haigh-Ellery. ‘And it’s wonderful that we will be able to continue our excellent working relationships with our friends and colleagues at AudioGO and Cardiff.’ 

This year will mark my seventh anniversary as executive producer at Big Finish, says executive producer Nicholas Briggs. ‘For me, it’s a clear indication of how much fun I’ve been having with the work and the people I’m privileged to work with that I am looking forward to the possibilities opening up with this latest extension of our licence so much. And by that time, I’ll have been in the role for ten years! Bring it on, I say. We have a great relationship with AudioGo and there will be exciting developments ahead.’

‘We have so many more tales to tell with the first eight Doctors and their companions,’ says line producer David Richardson. ‘We can promise that 2016 will see more of your favourite ranges – plus maybe a brand new range or two that will surprise and delight. Certainly, as a team, we could not be happier that we will continue to be able to make our Doctor Who dreams a reality.”

As well as several audio adventure releases across the various ranges in this 50th Anniversary year, Big Finish will be releasing their very own celebratory story ‘The Light At The End’ featuring some very familiar faces, with past Doctors, companions and The Master all making appearances. The adventure will be released this coming November. You can visit Big Finish here to sample their marvellous work for yourself.