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Big Finish to bring back Donna Noble

Catherine Tate’s character Donna Noble was certainly well received in past Doctor Who Big Finish productions paired with David Tennant as the tenth Doctor. Now she’s back for another go at it in a new Doctor Who audio series.

This month Fan Expo Boston Comic Con actress Catherine Tate answered fan questions rapid fire live on stage. From this fans learnt eating fish is good for your brain, David Tennant is the only Doctor she knows and that she and David Tennant will be recording a new Big Finish audio in September.

Catherine Tate has teamed up with her favourite incarnation of the Doctor in past Big Finish audios such as Technophobia, Time Reaver and Death and the Queen which are all part of The Tenth Doctor Adventures Volume One. She also appears as Donna Noble in Destiny of the Doctor – The Complete Adventure : Death’s Deal.

In the past David Tennant and Catherine Tate have discussed their experience on working together in Doctor Who Big Finish audios, with Tennant referring to Tate as “a great and proper actress” as well as a comedic talent.

We do not yet know the titles of the new stories Tate and Tennant will be recording but fans can be sure that we will keep you up to date as more information is released on the matter.