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Big Finish’s UNIT: Extinction with Kate Stewart

Big Finish has joined forces with BBC Worldwide in a licensing deal which will allow the audio company to access content from the modern series of Doctor Who for the first time ever.

Jemma Redgrave, who plays Head of Scientific Research at UNIT, Kate Stewart, in the television show has already confirmed to be on board the project titled UNIT: Extinction.

Other cast members are yet to be announced for the first of four box sets which sees the Unified Intelligence Taskforce battle the Nestene Conciousness and it’s army of Autons.

The box set is released in November 2015 and following box sets can also be pre-ordered. Any pre-order of the first set will receive a free copy of Nicholas Courtney’s (who played The Brigadier in Doctor Who) memoirs, A Soldier in Time.

[Source: DoctorWhoTV]