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Bill and Martha meet for the first time!

A happy coincidence occurs when time and space get wibbly wobbly causing 12th Doctor companion Bill Potts to meet 10th Doctor companion Martha Jones!

It may sound like fan fiction but it’s true! Well, sort of. Actresses Freema Agyemen and Pearl Mackie bumped into one another earlier this week when they both happened to be booked on the same aeroplane at the same time. The two popular Doctor Who actresses had never met previously but were delighted to run into one another in a situation Pearl Mackie defined as “So random”.

Freema Agyemen had been in Berlin for a read through for Sense8, a popular science fiction series, and Pearl Mackie was returning from German Comic Con where she had been no doubt bringing joy and excitement to tons of Doctor Who fans. When asked about Pearl Mackie, Agyemen had been quoted in August as saying “I will probably eventually bump into everybody from the Whoniverse at some point.” How right she was, but I’m sure even she didn’t expect it to happen quite as it did.

We may never know what the two former companions chatted about on that flight but I’m sure we would all have loved to be a fly on the wall for it. I’m certain this wont be the last meeting for these two talented actresses and who knows, maybe one day Bill and Martha will meet one another inside the Whoniverse as well. Only time will tell.