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BREAKING: Musical Episode Confirmed For Series 10

Note: As much as we’d like to see a musical episode of Doctor Who, this post was an April Fools joke and the contents of this article is completely fiction.

Details on Series 10 have been thin on the ground recently, with many of the plot details kept tightly under wraps to prevent spoilers. Yet now we know a little more, thanks to some exciting news about an experimental episode that will take place in the new season.

Inspired by the recent success of Oscar-nominated La La Land, and the musical episode of The Flash that recently garnered critical acclaim, the BBC have revealed today that episode six of Series 10, written by Steven Moffat, will be Doctor Who‘s first ever musical episode!

Featuring original music composed by Murray Gold and performed by Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, Matt Lucas, and Michelle Gomez as Missy, the episode, titled Extremis, will see the Doctor, Bill and Nardole travelling to a planet where all of the inhabitants communicate through song. In order to foil an evil plot by Missy, and her allies the Truth Monks, the TARDIS team will have to participate in several song and dance sequences.

The BBC have also released this teaser image:

Head writer Steven Moffat welcomed the news:

A musical episode! Fans have been asking for this for years and Peter Capaldi has been knocking on my door ever since his arrival, begging me to allow him to sing in the show. The joy of Doctor Who is that it can be anything at once, from adventure to drama to comedy, so it seemed right that we would finally stage a proper old Hollywood-style musical with the mad man in his box.

Peter Capaldi, who formed a punk rock band in his youth with future comedian Craig Ferguson added:

In my teenage years, my two great loves were music and Doctor Who. Often, they’d get in the way of one another, so I’m thrilled to finally be able to combine them.

World famous singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, in a high-profile partnership with the BBC intended to promote his new album, has written a song for the episode titled My Blue Box, which will be a “really, incredibly emotional” ballad performed by Peter Capaldi.

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