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Capaldi On Monsters He’d Like To See Return To Doctor Who

It’s no secret that Peter Capaldi, long before becoming the Doctor himself, was a massive fan of Doctor Who. In an interview with the Doctor Who Fan Show, Capaldi discussed which classic monsters he would like to see return to the show. He detailed ways in which one of his favourites, the Mondasian Cybermen (first seen in “The Tenth Planet” in 1966) could return. He said:

“We should either have some of them becoming Time Lords and somehow channelling it so that they have access to time and space. Or I think it would be good if we had ‘Genesis of the Cybermen.’ If we found the Doctor on Mondas itself in an adventure where he discovered the Cybermen actually being created.”

Other classic monsters Capaldi would like to see return include the Axons, the Daemons, the Zarbi, and the Menoptera.

Are there any classic monsters you would like to see return? How could they return in a way that’s interesting for newer viewers? Let us know below!

Doctor Who returns to our screens this autumn with “The Magician’s Apprentice” on Saturday, 19 September on BBC One and BBC America.

[Source: Doctor Who TV]