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RUMOUR – Will Capaldi Face The Master?

According to rumours, The Master will return this August in Series 8. There has been lots of speculation recently about the main enemy in Series 8, although we have had a new villain announced as Ms Delphox – played by the lovely Keeley Hawes, there is still large rumours that the Master will return, as he has not been seen on Doctor Who since 2010.

When the Master was last seen in The End of Time, The Masters decided to return to Gallifrey, following Rassilon into the Time War, determined to bring his cruelty with him. However, his story did not have a conclusion that would stop him from being able to return. Does this possibly hint that The Masters story will be continue?

According to The Daily Star, it is also rumoured a Hollywood Star will be taking the place of 2010’s John Simm, and the Master will conclude Series 8 with a massive cliffhanger – sounds exciting right?

Although nothing has been officially announced by the BBC, Sylvester McCoy (The Seventh Doctor) also teased at a fan convention that the Rogue Time-Lord may be back this Autumn.

Would you like to see The Master return? Will this hint to the return of a darker theme in Series 8? Comment below!

[Source : Daily Star]