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Carole Ann Ford Believes Doctor Who Ruined Her Career

The actress Carole Ann Ford, who played the Doctor’s granddaughter Susan in the show, believes that Doctor Who destroyed her career in a recent interview with the Daily Telegraph.

Ford spoke about leaving Doctor Who and finding work elsewhere:

“I must say that when I left Doctor Who, I was filled with… not loathing, but I was incredibly annoyed because I wanted to do more television and films and the only thing that people could ever see me in was a recreation of what I had done. A Susan clone. Some kind of weird teenager.” 

“I wanted to do work that would disconnect me from Doctor Who. That is a very difficult thing to accomplish, as many other actors who have played the companions have found out.”

Ford spoke about the problems Doctor Who caused for the BBC:

“A lot of people did not want Doctor Who to go ahead.”  

“The people high up were against putting money into children’s programmes, which is how they considered it at the time. 

“The sets were very wobbly. They didn’t think it was going to last. The Tardis interior was very delicate. You could practically blow on the walls like the wolf after the little piggies and it would all fall down.”

Ford also spoke about how she ran into criticism from viewers when she played a prostitute in an episode of a detective series:

“I had the most searing letters from parents of small children who had been allowed to stay up late to watch this, because I was in it and they thought it was going to be something akin to Doctor Who. They were saying, ‘How dare you do this? You are a role model.'”

When finally asked if she thought her acting career was ruined by the role of Susan, Ford had this to say:

“Yeah. In no small way. Definitely. Nothing shook it off. Nothing.”

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