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Caroline Skinner On Series 7

In the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, Doctor Who executive producer, Caroline Skinner talked about some of the upcoming episodes in Series 7.

Caroline reveals that the Russell T Davies-owned Dalek that she loaned for filming on the opener has a “a starring role in the climax.”

She carries on to describe the second episode, written by Chris Chibnall of Series 7 to have “the best episode title ever” and will be “the biggest VFX episode of the series”.

She then goes on to talk about the fourth episode of Series 7 that Chris also wrote, describing it as “a massive, rollercoaster ride of a sci-fi story.”

“It’s all about Amy and Rory’s relationship – full of warmth, love and a celebration of their time on the show. But don’t be fooled. Chris will scare you to bits with this episode!”

“It’s also the last one we’ll shoot with Arthur and Karen in Cardiff. Words cannot describe how epic this moment is.”