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Chris Chibnall On Casting The Thirteenth Doctor

Amongst the speculation of who will take on the mantle of the next Doctor, future showrunner Chris Chibnall recently gave some insight into how the casting will take place.
He told the Telegraph:

“We’ll cast the role in the traditional way: write the script, then go and find the best person for that part in that script. You couldn’t go out and cast an abstract idea.”

He added:

“The creative possibilities are endless, but I have a very clear sense of what we’re going to do, without even knowing who’s going to play the part.”

Though there have been many names tossed around by fans and bookies, Chibnall is not giving any hints just yet, although he did tease:

“I can’t confirm or deny any calls, texts, emails or conversations I might have had. I’ve just had the most hilarious text from an actor I worked with a long, long time ago. And no, I can’t tell you who it is…”