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Christopher Eccleston “Hugely Grateful” For 9th Doctor Role

When Doctor Who relaunched in 2005 with Russell T. Davies at the helm, it proved to be exactly the type of exciting Saturday night fun-for-all-the-family show the BBC wanted, and an unexpected worldwide phenomenon. And the fantastic Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor was a big part of that, with his big grin and love of adventure.

Quite why he left and how he felt about his time on Who has always been a little unclear. But, in a recent interview with British newspaper The Telegraph, Eccleston spoke about it some more. While not revealing why he left, he noted he has a perfectly clear conscience about it and that he’s “hugely grateful” for the fact that he’s got a generation of younger fans who still talk about the show with him to this day.

It’s a shame that he ruled out a return to the show back in 2011, because a new Three Doctors with Eccleston, Tennant and Smith would be amazing (if potentially messing up canon). Ooh, ooh, maybe Eccleston’s Doctor could be replaced by Jackson Lake! Or Jenny!

On a more serious note, Eccleston also spoke of his wish to focus on theatre for the next “20 or 30 years”, stating it as the reason he became an actor.