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Christopher Eccleston Reassures Doctor Who Fans

Christopher Eccleston has broken his apparent silence regarding Doctor Who and dispels the thoughts of those who have believed him to be oblivious or even negative about the show. Instead he speaks very warmly of his involvement in the show and says in an interview with the Radio Times:

“I hope I will be remembered as one of the Doctors. I have no ill feeling towards the character or the series.”

He also reflects on something he feels very strongly about, how different accents can be wrongly perceived and cause audiences to be thrown by them. Talking about playing the Doctor, he says:

“I wanted to move him away from RP (Received Pronunciation) for the first time because we shouldn’t make a correlation between intellect and accent.”

Although this may seem like an unfair view of Doctor Who audiences, he says he thinks that the confusion does still exist on TV.

In any case, although his current work doesn’t allow him time to follow the show at the moment, these recent positive remarks together with his recent birthday greeting to New Who:

Happy 10th Birthday my re-booted friend. Love Christopher Eccleston   

All in all would appear to show we can all feel pleasantly assured that Eccleston possesses no malice towards Doctor Who, and that he is very much still a part of the rich fabric of the show.

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